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Hiking with pleasure from hut to hut

Can't decide between sports and culinary delights? You don't have to! There are plenty of hut walks around the Aadla Chalets that combine exercise and enjoyment! So put on your hiking boots and set off on the most beautiful hikes to the rarest huts, where one or two delicacies are already waiting!

Pleasure hikes

Would you like a traditional Kaiserschmarren today? Or would you prefer a hearty dumpling trio? Our huts have something for every palate! 

Also known as the Knödelhütte (dumpling hut), the name already gives an idea of what this hut pampers the tummies with! Dumplings are diligently made here all year round, so that in summer and winter all empty stomachs can be filled with classic dumplings such as bacon or spinach dumplings. Of course, the hut also offers other regional specialities!  

You can get to the Auenfelderhütte by via the Körbersee by passing the Körbersee and hiking through the Auenfeld to the hut. The other option is from the Hochtannbergpass along a goods road, which is known as a ski run in winter!  

Open daily until October 

What would a holiday in Austria be without a delicious Kaiserschmarren? The Hochalphütte ensures that you don't miss out on this regional delicacy. Kaiserschmarren in different variations and other delicacies await you here.  

The Steffisalpbahn takes you comfortably up the first few metres of altitude, followed by a short climb towards the Spitziger Stein and Hochalphütte. The Spitziger Stein is enthroned on the horizon with a summit cross, from where you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view! Pssssst... Take a look behind the stone, where a green-blue reservoir hides in front of the summit panorama! The route continues with only a few differences in altitude to the Hochalphütte. Once you have refuelled at the Hochalphütte, you should take the short way to the panorama lake - we promise you that it will be worth it! Maybe you'll even have enough energy for the way home via the Körbersee? 

Tip: Every Saturday in August and September, the hut attracts guests in the evening with its culinary highlight "Heißer Stein" (hot stone), which is framed by the hut DJ! But are you more of an early riser? How about a mountain breakfast after a sunrise hike?  

Open daily until 09 October 2022 

Enjoyment with a far-reaching view! At the Widdersteinhütte you are guaranteed to enjoy more than just your meal - make sure your food doesn't get cold from admiring the view!  

You can reach the Widdersteinhütte from the Hotel Adler (Hochtannbergpass) in about 40 minutes via a climb through the green mountainside.  

Tip: You don't want to go back the same way? Then take the descent via the Hochalpsee, passing the Widderstein rock at the level of the hut and following the narrow path down to the Hochtannberg pass. 

Open daily until 09 October 2022 

With so many delicious traditional dishes, you don't know what to choose? Then a trip to Cafe Uta in Holzgau is perfect for you - they have EVERYTHING your heart desires! From the hearty Hauswurst to the traditional Kässpätzle to the classic Kaiserschmarren - this rustic and traditional alpine hut offers every regional dish. Plus a sweet dessert from grandma's oven? 

The starting point of the hike is the church in Holzgau. From there, a goods path leads along the stream through the forest to the impressive Simms waterfall! After you have marvelled at the waterfall, you continue to Cafe Uta. 

Tip: Are you free from giddiness and love the adrenaline kick? Then you should definitely choose the way back via the Holzgau suspension bridge - at a height of over 100 metres you return to the starting point. 😉 

Open until 09 October 2022, Wednesday day off 

It's all about the dumpling, homemade bacon and cheese and, of course, the sausage! But there's also room on the menu for tarte flambée or organic steaks from the local farmer, along with other regional dishes. But it's not just the menu that's special here - even if you're enjoying the sun on the sun terrace, you should definitely take a look at the Gaststube! This hut is impressive from the outside as well as from the inside... 

The starting point of the hike is the Geierwally car park in Elbigenalp (Lechtal), from where you can reach the Kasermandl hut in about 1 hour. Another option is the Geierwally circular trail, which also starts at the car park.  

Open until October, Tuesday day off 

In beautiful surroundings and with a view of Lech, you can enjoy Austrian specialities such as Tyrolean Gröstl, Vorarlberg Kässspätzle or a regional Brettljause on the sun terrace of the Rud Alpe. Classics such as fried chicken, schnitzel or spaghetti are also on the menu. 

Tip: the Dry Aged Steak Evening takes place every Thursday from 18:00 - steaks hung and matured under ideal conditions spoil the gourmet palate! T-bone porterhouse fillet steak & co are waiting for you!  

The Rud Alpe towers over Lech, from where you can already spot the hut with its large flower heart! From the village square, walk along the road in the direction of the "Hotel Anemone", where a goods road leads you to the Rud Alpe in a short time.  

Tip: the puzzle ring (start Hotel Anemone) or the Arlenzauberweg (start Oberlechbahn mountain station) make children in particular forget that they are actually hiking! Both themed trails lead directly to the Rud Alpe, where a water playground awaits!  

Open daily until 18 September 2022 

Indulgence. Autumn. Time in the Bregenzerwald

The Bregenzerwald is already known for its culinary delights - in every season! One delicacy in particular lures its connoisseurs to the region time and again: our cheese - rooted in the Bregenzerwald. The cheese paradise ranges from mild to wild and offers the best from local pantries. Along the Cheese Route there is everything to discover about cheese and above all: to taste! The Bregenzerwald Cheese Route offers everything on the subject of cheese, from alpine dairies and cheese makers to museums and inns, and lets you experience the Bregenzerwald with all your senses (all year round)! 

But that is by no means all! The Bregenzerwald turns into a true gourmet's corner in autumn. From 16 September to 09 October 2022, the region has a lot to offer in the way of culinary delights!

 To ensure that your holiday in the mountains leaves nothing to be desired, our holiday fairy has already put together individual packages with exclusive extras for you - from active mountain time to relaxed chalet enjoyment, there's something for everyone!  

We look forward to welcoming you and your loved ones to our Aadla Chalets! 

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