So much home is in the Aadla

We care about the environment

We love our homeland, the traditions, the nature, the slowness, the honesty, the cordiality, the down-to-earth way of life...

In these globalised, fast-moving times, we feel it is particularly important to preserve and maintain our small, individual structures. Only if we all do our part can we preserve these values and treasures and pass them on to the next generation. That is why the products used at Aadla are particularly close to our hearts.

We could easily and conveniently order everything we need from the wholesaler and not worry about where it comes from and how it was produced. But that wouldn't fit our attitude and values at all. So we want to tell you where all the delicious delicacies and products come from:

Local food

Consciously regional - You are what you eat!

Korb mit verschiedenen Brötchen
Bread & Pastries:
Bakery Lech

One of the last "real" bakeries, here they bake without additives and chemicals, but with a lot of time and high-quality ingredients according to old tradition. That's why the size of the pastries sometimes varies - it's all handmade.

Käse wird geschnitten
Mountain cheese:
Daniela Metzler

Our employee Daniela (at Schwarzmanns Ferienwohnungen) manages her alpine pasture in the Bregenzerwald with her family in summer. In addition to the hard work on the alpine pasture, she personally (!) processes the milk of her cows into the finest hard cheese every day. Her cheese has already won several awards. This year we are proud to serve you her mild mountain cheese, which has won a gold award!

Fleisch und Wurst auf Grill
Sausage, milk and meat: Wäldermetzge in Warth

A very innovative family business that processes meat from its own livestock or from regional farmers. The farmers' milk is also processed into cheese,
You can shop there 365 days a year from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. or stop in at the snack bar. The boss, Alois (Wise) Feuerstein, is very concerned about preserving and supporting local agriculture in its original form.

Joghurt mit Früchten
Yoghurt: Hammerle family from Steeg

Hammerles have shown courage and completely converted their farming in 2019. Their own milk is now processed on the farm in the specially built production building. The creamy alpine yoghurt from free-range cows is not only delicious, but particularly rich in bifidobacteria and many probiotic lactic acid bacteria. And of course free of all additives, packed in reusable containers. 

gedeckter Frühstückstisch mit Orangensaft
Fruit juices: Artur Egender from Andelsbuch

The smart Bregenzerwälder supplies us with local juices or juices produced in Vorarlberg (orange farming doesn't work so well in our latitudes).
Moreover, our demand to get the juices in returnable glass bottles was no problem at all for Artur. He understands our "environmental tick".

Kühe beim Almabtrieb
Cheese and yoghurt: Ländle Milch

Regional farmers who do not process their milk themselves deliver to this dairy. This way they get fair prices and short distances.

Sustainability in other areas

It is not only with food that we care about the origin.

As far as (hygiene) regulations allow, we do not use plastic or disposable packaging.
Individual areas (bathrooms) are currently being converted. The last supplies are being used up here. All care products are of course natural cosmetics.

The Beer family has been working with medicinal herbs for over 50 years. They produce natural cosmetics, teas...and for us the various essential sauna oils. Anyone who opens the shop door of the drugstore will be thrilled by this stunning herbal scent that immediately wafts towards you.  

Rala produces exclusively here in Vorarlberg. We source environmentally friendly cleaning products from them. The packaging is either plastic-free or reusable.
We even make some cleaning agents ourselves with the help of the simplest means such as soda, bicarbonate of soda, vinegar....

For our own district heating system (under the small carport), which we exclusively use domestic wood pellets, we even have the Environmental Award of the Ministry received. This saves us almost 40 tonnes of CO2 per year! 

The firewood for all chalet fireplaces comes from our own Schröckner forest. It is felled, split and stored by our boss Elmar and our son Tobias. So there is never a shortage of work, even when we are on holiday.


Our golf car is electrically powered and supports us with whisper-quiet luggage service and transport.

Motion detectors, timers and energy-saving lamps help to save electricity. The Vorarlberg power plants produce green electricity, mostly from hydropower.

Schröcken is in the fortunate position of being able to call the finest spring water from the Auenfeld its own. It comes out of all the taps in the Aadla and is of the highest drinking water quality!
If still water in plastic bottles is "smuggled" into the chalet village, then only behind our backs ;-)

All other products (non-food,...) we buy exclusively in our small Spar market in Schröcken. Until a few years ago, there was no grocery shop in Schröcken. Due to the number of inhabitants (211) it was simply uneconomical and no operator could be found. The municipality finally took care of the local supply and was probably the only municipality in Austria to build and operate the Spar market itself. Unfortunately, one still looks in vain for black figures.
For the best possible support, we source everything we can't get from regional producers in our small Spar.

Some of the items you can buy in our small shop in could it be otherwise....are also from the region.
We give innovative, young producers the chance to exhibit and sell their products. The stories behind the products are as unique as the products themselves. From vegan leather to hand-sewn foxes by a retired designer to hand-lettered enamel mugs.
Cheese, bacon, Landjäger...from the Bregenzerwald, traditional wooden shoes and good schnapps are also popular "souvenirs".
We are also happy to recommend numerous shops, craftsmen, alps, alpine dairies... in the area.

We hope that you will also be able to feel and experience this attitude to life in our region and that you will enjoy the products as much as we do.
That the "mountain slowness" catches you and that you feel at home and welcome with us.

"We love what we do and do it with all our heart."