At home with friends

Your Chalet Holiday Home 
in Warth-Schröcken

Your hosts

Hosting guests is our passion: For many years we have been welcoming holidaymakers from all over the world to our "Schwarzmann's Ferienwohnungen". We, that is Michaela and Elmar Schwarzmann with our three children Katrin, Tobias and Annika.

With the "Aadla", our dream of a small chalet village in the style of our Walser ancestors has come true.
Your refuge is located at the top end of Schröcken, where you can experience authentic mountain enjoyment at 1,500 metres above sea level. Up here in the mountains is our home, which we love to share with you. We are mountain sports enthusiasts ourselves - if time allows, we will gladly take you on a mountain or ski tour and give you tips that will make your holiday unforgettable.

You will live in your mountain chalet - your private, cosy holiday home in the mountains - all to yourselves!

Bis bald im Aadla handgeschrieben

close to home

Aadla - in touch with nature

What is Aadla? Our small chalet village with a lot of home, traditional construction with natural materials and a lot of attention to detail. Here at Aadla you'll find a down-to-earth way of life and friendly hospitality.

With our little Aadla chalet village we have a Refuge where you can immerse yourself in the recreationally slow, close to nature and sustainable lifestyle immerse yourself.

You don't have to do without any luxury - we as your hosts, together with the Aadla Holiday Fairy, provide unobtrusive service from the breakfast of your choice to cleaning and barbecue platters. So that you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

For your holiday happiness in the mountains:

  • Aadla Chalets with fireplace, private sauna and terrace
  • Aadla Holiday Fairy with lots of all-round pampering services
  • Aadla high stand for special nature experiences and picnic with a view
  • Aadla Adventurealm with teepees, stream and barbecue area (directly by the chalets)

By the way: Aadla is a Walser dialect expression and means mountain pine.

We love our home & nature

At Aadla you can enjoy a sustainable holiday close to nature. You can feel, see and taste just how much during your stay in the Aadla chalets. 

Because at Aadla there is a lot of home - in selected food from regional producers, the wonderful spring water from the tap, the environmentally friendly cleaning products, right down to the building materials and the heating in our chalets.

Curious? You can find out more here.

Urlaubsfee Grafik | Aadla Chalets

During a holiday in your chalet, you will be pampered by

the Aadla Holiday Fairy

Let go, relax and be pampered.

Enjoy dreamy all-round wellbeing services from your Aadla holiday fairy!
Which wish can we fulfil for you?

Poem from Kleinwalsertal
Aadla is a Walser dialect expression and means mountain pine
dr Aadlaboscha

föfzg jaar uf felsa hert ond fescht.
d renda safteg chromme escht
schtarche würza länge naadla
rondom dia ganza gschwischtreg aadla

brüateg is im sonnabrand
lützel ärd liid omanand
beutla düand mi schturm ond rääga
schooder schtei gönd mir a ds lääba

dick waggst ds moos mir oma fuas
vom suura wasser an schööna gruas
Poison em booda slaggy air
wia viil better - maiaduft

d nesse breeds in the kerna ee
friara duat s mi alleg mee
brenta chelte zeiget kralla
grüane naadla laas i faila

a laubela schi lüpft mi wäck vom schlächta schtand
ond nemmt mi hoo e d lüft
wiit dür ds toobel schlaad s mi aache
iatz ligg i daa em gänschelbaach

dr baach dä ruuschet om mi om ond meint
i sei doch ned so domm
gang uffe suach an bessra platz

so mach i uus dr rächte moona
so gang i uuf em eigna sooma
i waggs vo nüüam us dr ärd
ond hoff as hei deesmaal an wärd