A chalet village

as special as you

Aadla Chalets - Your home on the Arlberg

"Grüaß di" and welcome to our family-run mountain chalet village on the sunny plateau above the village of Schröcken. Here, at 1,500 metres above sea level, are the 7 Aadla chalets with a magnificent view of the mountains. Each Aadla chalet is lovingly furnished and awaits you as your cosy retreat on the Arlberg with the special service of the Aadla Holiday Fairy.

In summer, the mountain and hiking paradise Arlberg welcomes you right outside the chalet door. In winter, you are in the middle of Austria's largest ski area, the snowy top ski region Ski Arlberg.

We look forward to seeing you at Aadla!

Your hosts
Michaela, Elmar and the Aadla Holiday Fairy

Pssst: Your chalet is located on the hiking trail to the picturesque Körbersee. The mountain lake was voted the most beautiful place in Austria in 2017.

Our Aadla Chalets - your retreat

Unadulterated. Luxurious. Your retreat in the mountains.

Urlaubsfee Grafik | Aadla Chalets

During a holiday in your chalet, you will be pampered by

the Aadla Holiday Fairy

She is your wish-fulfiller when you need her. She silently brings your breakfast to the chalet, organises tickets, ski guides, cribs, raclette or barbecue plates.

The Aadla Holiday Fairy is bubbling over with ideas and knows every insider tip: from the best inn to the most beautiful place - and she wants to inspire you. For the beauty all around, for individual experiences in the forest or in the snow.

The Holiday Fairy is your helper for all cases!
Loving, unobtrusive and also available by phone. With infectious joy and unusual experiences, such as a balloon ride or a picnic at a high altitude.

Connected with the homeland 

We love our homeland, the traditions, the nature. Also the thoughtfulness here in our mountain village, where the clocks still move differently - namely more slowly. We grew up here and are part of the down-to-earth way of life, closeness to nature and that binding cordiality that is characteristic of us Walsers. Here, at 1,500 metres above sea level, we meet with a friendly "You".

Honest. Genuine. Close to nature.

As passionate "mountain people", we are out in nature as often as possible. Around the Aadla Chalets you can experience the fascination for nature and majestic mountains, for the forest and its treasures. Connected to our soil, the true, the genuine is close to our hearts.

With our small Aadla chalet village we have a refuge where you can immerse yourself in a relaxing, slow, natural and sustainable way of life.

Service that comes from the heart

Your holiday - completely at your own pace and absolutely relaxed. Do without luxury? Not a chance! The Aadla Holiday Fairy is your all-round service that unobtrusively organises all your wishes and also takes orders by telephone. So that you can enjoy every minute of your time out!

Here at Aadla, you spend your holidays in a sustainable way and close to nature. You can feel, see and taste just how much during your stay in the Aadla chalets. Because at Aadla there is a lot of home - in selected food from regional producers, the wonderful spring water from the tap, the environmentally friendly cleaning products, right down to the building materials and the heating of our chalets.

"Luxury holiday in a chalet: ideal for friends, couples or the whole family".


directly in front of the door


individually according to your wishes


at your time

Service that comes
from the heart

How may we spoil you?


very close

Our packages

For your time out in the mountains

Our Aadla holiday fairy has put together smart holiday packages for you. Take a look around for the package that's right for you!

Top location in the natural jewel of Schröcken

Your place of longing on the Arlberg

Summer resort

 in the heart of the Alps

Winter magic 

on the Arlberg

In the middle of nature

In summer Schröcken is an ideal starting point for hikers or mountain bikers and offers exciting adventures for the whole family.

100% Snow safety

Dive directly from the chalet into the largest ski area in Austria,
the top ski region Ski Arlberg!

Summer resort

 in the heart of the Alps

Aussicht vom Chalet | Aadla Chalets
In the middle of nature

In summer Schröcken is an ideal starting point for hikers, mountain bikers and offers exciting adventures for the whole family.

Winter magic 

on the Arlberg

Aussicht im Winter | Aadla Chalets
100% Snow safety

Dive directly from the chalet into the largest ski area in Austria,
the top ski region Ski Arlberg!


Gemeinsam mit der Natur aufwachen. ☀Die Sonnenstrahlen werden immer stärker, die Temperaturen milder und der Schnee weicht den ersten Frühlingsblumen. 🌷#aadlawalserchalets #aadla #mountainchalet #chaleturlaub #luxuryliving #urlaubindenbergen #warthschröcken #visitvorarlberg #visitaustria

Wake up together with nature. ☀
The sun's rays are getting stronger, the temperatures are getting milder and the snow is giving way to the first spring flowers. 🌷

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Nach einer erholsamen Nacht zum fertigen Frühstück aufwachen - ist das nicht traumhaft? 😍🥰#aadlawalserchalets #aadla #mountainchalet #chaleturlaub #winterurlaub #urlaubsfee #frühstücksservice #warthschröcken #visitvorarlberg

Waking up to a ready-made breakfast after a good night's sleep - isn't that a dream? 😍🥰

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Wir lieben den Frühling in den Bergen! 🌷Denn er bringt die perfekte Kombination aus Skigenuss, Sonne tanken und Erholung! 💙🎿Über das Osterwochenende noch nichts vor? Dann ab auf die Piste! 🐰🐣#aadlawalserchalets #aadla #chaleturlaub #sonnenskilauf #osternaufderpiste #skiing #skiarlberg #visitvorarlberg #warthschröcken

We love spring in the mountains! 🌷
Because it offers the perfect combination of skiing fun, sunbathing and relaxation! 💙🎿
Nothing planned for the Easter weekend? Then hit the piste! 🐰🐣

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Wir sind mitten im Sonnenskilauf und genießen feinsten Firn! 🤩☀️ Mühelos über die Hänge schweben und jeden Schwung genießen: das ist der ultimative Skigenuss der Saison! 🎿#aadlawalserchalets #aadla #mountainchalet #chaleturlaub #sonnenskilauf #warthschröcken #schneegarant #skiarlberg #visitvorarlberg

We're in the middle of sunny skiing and enjoying the finest firn! 🤩☀️ Float effortlessly over the slopes and savour every turn: the ultimate skiing pleasure of the season! 🎿

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