Wanderer hüpft in den Körbersee

7 refreshing mountain lakes for warm summer days

Sparkling water surface, clear water in green and blue and a mountain backdrop: this is how our seven mountain lakes entice you to dive in. So pack your swimming trunks and combine water and mountains with us!

When the summer days are once again marked by a lot of heat and sun, only one thing helps: water! But mountains and water, is that even possible? And how does it work! We have plenty of water here in the mountains, so we hiked seven sparkling mountain lakes around the Aadla Chalets for you and dared to jump into the cool water a few times. The best thing about it? You can even do it without breaking a sweat!

Water pleasures with a far-reaching view: Panoramic lake

The ultimate 360-degree panorama pool: the Panorama Lake. The turquoise-blue reservoir is enthroned high up on the Saloberkopf and its location guarantees a boundless view. If the jump into the clear water is a bit too fresh for you, you should definitely pull out your mobile phone: with the striking rocks of the Widderstein in the background, the panorama lake offers a picture-perfect photo motif.

Tip: If you still have some energy left, you should definitely choose the way home via our natural jewel, the Körbersee. As a reward, a delicious Sachertorte cake awaits you there. 😉

The panorama lake can be reached from two sides, whereby the more comfortable option is definitely the ascent with the Steffisalp cable car. From there, a path leads to the "Spitzigen Stein" with reservoir, past the Hochalphütte to the panorama lake. The descent can alternatively be made via the Körbersee. If you want to extend the hike, you can choose the ascent from the Hochtannberg Pass. From there, a wide path leads to the mountain station of the Saloberkopf, where the panorama lake is enthroned.

In and on the water of the natural jewel Körbersee

Conifers gently swaying in the wind, birdsong, the gentle murmur of water - pure nature. And in between, the clinking of dishes and conversations of nature-admiring hotel visitors on the terrace. Road noise? 3 kilometres away. The area around the Körbersee is located in the middle of a nature and water conservation area, which is why the Körbersee can only be reached on foot. However, the area not only attracts with a clear lake with drinking water quality, but also with its plant splendour. The natural palette ranges from alpine roses to imposing fens - possibly also a reason why it was crowned Austria's most beautiful place in 2017. The mountain lake really invites everyone to cool down!

Tip: the Körbersee offers delicious homemade cakes and regional specialities as well as rowing boat hire. Who dares to jump off the rowing boat? Bathing fun guaranteed!

You can hike to the Körbersee from the chalets without a bus or car. If you want to make a round hike out of it, you can continue hiking from the Körbersee in the direction of the Hochtannbergpass, and shortly before the Kalbelesee turn left and hike back home via the "Witele". Alternatively, you can also stroll from the Hochtannbergpass to the Körbersee via the somewhat wider path that is also suitable for prams.

Splashing around at the summit cross

The summit cross in combination with water can be found at the "Spitzigen Stein". You can reach it comfortably with the Steffisalp cable car, from where a panoramic path leads to the large rock with the summit cross in 20 minutes. Once you have reached the top and enjoyed the far-reaching view, it is worth taking a look behind the rock: there, nestled in lush mountain meadows, is a clear reservoir that opens up a magnificent view of the Biberkopf and other surrounding mountain peaks.

Tip: when the midday hunger sets in, a flat trail leads from the Spitzigen Stein to the "Hochalp-Hütte", where regional specialities such as Kaiserschmarren fill hungry bellies.

If you want to get to the lake quickly and without too much effort, use the Steffisalp cable car. Alternatively, the hike can be made more extensive by bypassing the cable car and making the ascent on foot.

Immersion at the foot of the imposing Widderstein

Rough rocks, lush green mountain meadows and a few whistling marmots in between - that's what awaits you at the foot of the Widderstein. And if you keep a very close eye out, you will also discover a mountain lake there. The high alpine lake lies beneath the rough rocks of the Widderstein, hidden in a small cove. Alternatively, if you can only reach up to your toes in the lake, you should lie in wait to watch the marmots - you are welcome to borrow the Aadla binoculars from us!

TipIf all the swimming and marmot-watching is making your stomach growl, you should make your way to the Widdersteinhütte. It is located on the other side of the Widderstein and can be reached from the lake in a short time and without many metres in altitude. Lunch with a view guaranteed!

The starting point is the Hochtannbergpass or the "Hotel Adler" bus stop. Opposite, the trail zigzags through the green meadows to the foot of the Widderstein in about 40 minutes. While at the top one path leads to the right to the Widderstein hut, the other path, which goes even further up, leads towards the lake. At the next fork, the trail flattens out past the Widderstein, whereupon the Hochalpsee hides to the right. Alternatively, you can choose the ascent via the Höferspitze. This is also opposite the bus stop and leads across the meadow through bushes towards Höferspitze. At the first fork, however, the path leads away to the left and crosses the slope past a small alpine hut in the direction of Widderstein, with the lake then on the left.

Biotope bathing in Lake Kalbele

Nestled in moss, surrounded by green shrubs as well as colourful plants and circled by mountain peaks, lies the natural high mountain lake at the Hochtannberg Pass - just a few metres off the Bregenzerwald road. Due to its flora, the Kalbelesee was designated as a biotope worthy of protection - possibly one reason why it is a popular destination for excursions. Especially on warm summer days, the cool mountain water is tempting and can be easily reached by bus or car without breaking a sweat.

Tip: If you still feel the hiking fever after a nice cool down, you can hike comfortably in about 40 minutes past the Kalbelesee to the next natural jewel: to the Körbersee. There, not only the next cool down awaits, but also delicious specialities on the sun terrace of the Berghotel Körbersee!

Just a bus stop or 5-minute drive away is the Kalbelesee lake on the Hochtannbergpass/Salober.

Bathing fun without sweating: Seebachsee

When the days are too hot, the trails too long and the motivation to hike too low, this lake definitely comes into play: the Seebachsee. You can easily make your way to Warth by bus or car, where the lake is only a few metres away from the village square. A new bathing and sunbathing platform with comfortable sunbeds ensure relaxation above the water - brave water rats dare to jump into the cool water from there!

Tip: not only brave bathers cavort in the lake, but also bright ducks and a few cheeky trout, which like to be pampered by children with a few breadcrumbs 😉 If your own stomach suddenly growls during all the feeding, the "Wäldermetzge" is right next door, where snacks fill the empty belly and regional delicacies such as cheese or a few Landjäger are also available.

Past the village square in the direction of Wäldermetzge, a road leads to Seebachsee on the left. This is clearly visible from the road!

Boundless panoramas and sparkling water

Would you rather earn your cool refreshment with a proper hike? Then the Butzensee is just the thing for you! The emerald-green high mountain lake glistens at the foot of the Mohnenfluh peak at 2,124 metres above sea level. Up here, the panorama will make your mountain heart beat faster - and the cold Butzensee water will make it beat faster. 😉

Tip: After this hike and the courageous swim, you really deserve a hearty stop! On the way back, the Kriegeralpe awaits you with hearty natural cuisine, which you can enjoy on the sun terrace with a view of the surrounding mountains.

Take the bus or car to Oberlech - alternatively take the Oberlechbahn. From there the hike starts in the direction of "Kriegeralpe", past the Hasensprungbahn uphill to the Steinmähderbahn mountain station. Past the Steinmähder cable car, a narrow path leads up to the ridge, from which the crystal-clear lake glistens directly out.

Lakes Hike

You want to hike as many lakes as possible at once? Then the lake hike is perfect for you! It combines the reservoir, panorama lake and Körbersee as well as the Kalbelesee as a diligence task for all hiking enthusiasts. And of course there's no shortage of enjoyment and refreshments! 

The ascent is effortless with the Steffisalp cable car - and you have plenty of time to look out for marmots, which are particularly fond of this area. From the mountain station, a narrow path leads towards the "Spitziger Stein", which towers prominently on the horizon with a summit cross. Behind it is already the first lake: the reservoir with its magnificent views. After a few panoramic photos and a possible cooling down, continue towards the "Hochalp-Hütte". If your stomach is already rumbling, it will tempt you with delicious specialities such as a fresh Kaiserschmarren. After a snack or a coffee with a view, continue to the panorama lake, which lies directly above the Hochalp hut. If you dare to take the plunge, for everyone else it's time to take out your camera! The turquoise-blue lake in the midst of imposing mountain scenery makes for almost kitschy holiday photos. The tour continues with the best panoramic views over the Salobersattel towards Körbersee. If you've had enough of splashing around, you can explore the lake from above in a rowing boat. In any case, you should not miss the delicious cakes of the Berghotel Körbersee! Especially the Sacher cake makes the moment on the sun terrace not only a treat for the eyes 😉 After the Körbersee, there is the option of descending directly to your chalet. However, if you still have some energy left, the way home via the Kalbelesee is worthwhile. For this, you hike for about 30 minutes in the direction of the Hochtannberg Pass until the natural high-mountain lake lies in front of you. The path to the chalets then leads off to the left in the direction of "Witele", which takes you directly back to your chalet.

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