Paar in Bademäntel freuen sich über Schnee

A winter day in the Aadla

Your temporary home allows holidays and relaxation for the whole family thanks to our holiday fairy, who will pamper you around the clock. The location of the Aadla Walser chalets guarantees short distances, which makes your holiday twice as enjoyable! So everyone can pursue their own activities and still have enough time together. 

A cosy warm bed, a feather-soft mattress and... cold children's feet! 

It is an early Winter morning at Aadla and it seems the kids are already wide awake and ready for the next winter adventure. Well, it doesn't help - get up and make breakfast. But wait a minute - at Aadla, mums have holidays too. How could I forget that the Holiday Fairy has long since taken over this task.... 

Happy and relaxed, I walk upstairs with the kids, where the Breakfast box Our breakfast smell has probably moved downstairs a bit and even dad, grandma and grandpa couldn't resist it - it's a great way to start the day together!

But a long morning in the chalet is not an option for our kids, because they can hardly wait for the ski course to start. Admittedly - mum and dad can hardly wait to hit the slopes either.

So we make our way to the Bus stopwhich is just around the corner, and take the ski bus to the ski area in a few minutes. only one stop away. Once there, it is within walking distance of the Sports shopwhere we pick up our equipment, and then go next door to the Ski school check in.

Every minute of waiting is true torture, because the Bottom station is also next door and we can already see the first skiers making their turns on the freshly prepared piste.  

In the meantime, the children have said hello to their ski instructor and made friends with the first ski course children - time for mum and dad to go! Grandma and Grandpa also decide to set off - they grab Snowshoes from the Aadla ski room and also drive to the Salober valley station, where beautiful Winter hiking trails find their starting point. 

For them it goes along groomed hiking trails to the most beautiful place in Austria, the Körbersee. Small detours away from the trail lead them on snowshoes through untouched winter landscape further to the natural jewel, where they enjoy a coffee on the sun terrace of the mountain hotel together with other hikers and skiers. 

Mum and dad can hardly stop wagging their tails - wonderful! But as we all know, the most beautiful moments pass by the fastest and so the clock hands are already pointing to shortly before 12 o'clock. Although everyone wants to pursue their activities, for us as a family a common lunch break a must on holiday!

No problem: because skiers, skiers, winter hikers, cross-country skiers, ... all meet in the area of the Salober valley station and enjoy a stop at one of the Restaurants at the valley station.

Mmmmmmhhhh... hearty Kässspätzle are on the menu today! The big topic at the table: the children's ski course! Everything they've learned is reported and the kids proudly say goodbye to the ski course. Off they go on their skis! Mum, however, is only tempted by one thing after all that skiing: the cosy chalet! How good that thanks to the Downhill ski run can drive off immediately in front of the chalet door!

Dad, however, cannot quite say goodbye to this sunny winter day yet - the Cross-country ski trail in the corner of his eye still excites him too much for that. In no time at all, he decides to swap his skis and boots for cross-country equipment and explore the trail.

Mum meanwhile heats up the crackling fireplace and relaxes and prepares for the Sauna before - she has opted for a Steam bath with the scent of roses. Grandma and grandpa also take a more relaxed approach, enjoying the sun next to the piste with champagne in hand and a deckchair under their bum and analysing the turns of the skiers. And once they don't look - the afternoon is over. How good that Dad can take off with his cross-country skis right in front of the ski school, where the kids are already saying a wistful goodbye to the ski instructor and the other ski course kids. The kids have not yet decided on the downhill run, so the skis are quickly put away. Depot next door and it's back to the bus without any lugging, which takes dad and the kids back to the chalet in 5 minutes.

Mum has also changed locations in the meantime and is now sitting with a glass of bubbly in the Bath tub - the sauna, however, still remains warm and waits for the Homecomerswho could now use some relaxation and warmth after such an active winter day. You can imagine how happy dad and the kids were.... 

Briefly, thoughts pop into my head, pulling me out of my relaxation for a moment: make dinner! But these thoughts quickly disappear again and I curl up on the couch in front of the fireplace - after all, I've already had dinner at the Holiday Fairy who delivers everything to the chalet... Today there are Raclette! And for once I don't do anything for that 😊 Grandma and Grandpa have enjoyed the sun until it sets and are now also trickling into the chalet - they too are now ready for something Wellness.

In the meantime, it's 6pm and even hunger is hard to tempt the kids out of the warm hot tub - but they can't resist the tempting smell of raclette. At Enjoying together The family can hardly stop talking - such different days, so many great experiences and yet they all had something in common: it was a beautiful winter day in the Aadla!

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