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Bad weather programme

The rain is splashing down on the chalet roof but you don't feel like lying around? Then we have the perfect bad-weather programme for you, where sport and exercise are not neglected despite the rain!

Sport & Exercise

The classic for bad weather days: the indoor pool! Waterfall, slide, bubble pool and much more await all water rats there. 

Opening hours:

Monday day off 

until 02.10.2022 from 10:00-21:00 hrs 

from 04.10.2022 from 14:00-21:00 

Sauna: DO + SO from 16:00-21:00 

The K1 climbing hall in Dornbirn bOffers climbing fun for newcomers as well as advanced climbers. The Climbing school on site offers a wide range of courses, from private courses to basic courses and to the common Parent-child climbing is enough - so that everyone is guaranteed to be infected by climbing fever

Opening hours:

MO-FR 08:00-22:00 

SA&SO from 09:00-17:00 

At sport.park.lech waits Skittles fun for the whole family! To top it off, sspecial lighting effects and sounds for an extraordinary bowling experience provide.  

Opening hours:

Monday day off 

Tue-Sun from 15:00-22:00 


Rain walk

For rain hiking, the only options are: an alpine pasture hike, a waterfall hike or puddle jumping!  Find chalets for 6-8 people. No matter which chalet you choose: everyone can enjoy the private wellness area when they want and for as long as they want - the rainy hours will fly by.

Alpine pasture hikes: 

The paths to these alpine pastures are well prepared and therefore not muddy or slippery - the best thing about it? You are guaranteed to have nature almost to yourself! Not only the nature - also the waiting, cosy Almstuben. They provide cosy warmth and a delicious cup of hot chocolate! And perhaps a warm, fresh Kaiserschmarren to go with it? Short hikes that quickly lead back to the valley: 

The closed gondola takes you comfortably and dryly to the mountain station, from where you can make a short rain hike to the summit or a round hike. No matter what you choose: Afterwards, you should warm up with a hot chocolate in the panorama restaurant at the mountain station!  

Driving mode: daily from 09:00-16:00 

This hike has a very special advantage on rainy days: some parts of the trail run dry through adventurous caves and tunnels! The first part of the hike leads along a gravel road through a spruce forest until you reach the exciting rock tunnels. Excitement guaranteed: the tunnels, which can be up to 30 metres long, can sometimes get quite dark. If you don't want to stumble into puddles of water, you should take a torch with you. Otherwise, individual "windows" provide a little light every now and then! Warm food and drinks await you at the Sulzlalm.  

Opening hours: Mid May - Mid October 

This hike even has two advantages on rainy days! Firstly, a cosy parlour with warm delicacies awaits you at Cafe Uta, where you can warm up and dry off wonderfully. Secondly, you pass the Simms waterfall, which is particularly strong on rainy days.  

Tip: you should definitely walk the circular route and marvel not only at the impressive waterfall, but also at the approx. 105 metre high suspension bridge! 

Opening hours: Wednesday day off 

until 09.10. from 10:00-18:00 hrs 


Waterfall Hikes: 

Waterfall walks are particularly impressive on rainy days, as the waterfalls carry much more water and are therefore even bigger and stronger!  

  • Hägerau Waterfall in the Lech Valley 
  • Simms Waterfall in Holzgau (to Cafe Uta)
  • Waterfall circuit in Schoppernau


Don't forget: after the exciting experiences, it's off to the private sauna and the warm hot tub or cosy up in front of the crackling fireplace!

Our chalets for 4-5 people offer small families enough space for relaxing rainy hours, while larger families or friends can find space in the chalets for 6-8 people. No matter which chalet you choose: everyone can enjoy the private wellness area whenever and for as long as they want - the rainy hours will fly by.


And since the sun is guaranteed to come out again, the Aadla holiday fairy has already prepared tailor-made offers for you in advance, which will prevent any boredom even on sunny days. Take a look and find the right package for you and your family, from lots of action to nature enjoyment!


We look forward to welcoming you and your family to the Aadla Walser Chalets soon!

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